Campisi’s Celebrates 70th Anniversary

COMMUNITY » In The News | April 22nd, 2016

By: CBS DFW Staff

In a world of instant Yelp reviews and here today gone tomorrow restaurants, what has kept Campisi’s Italian restaurants growing for 70 years?

Yes they have the freshest ingredients and mouth watering pizzas, but it’s the family fabric that has been so important to them over the years.

“If you come in, you’re part of our family and we’re gonna treat you like such” said Peter Fraute, General Manager of the Fort Worth location on Camp Bowie.

That family includes one very special employee named Austin Underwood who has worked at the Fort Worth location for three years.

“I have given Austin the title of Happy Ambassador” Peter added.

Austin has Down Syndrome, but that is a side note compared to all of his accomplishments including getting his family recipe banana pudding on the Fort Worth menu.

This article was originally published by CBS DFW in April 2016, view the rest of the original article here.

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