Come Visit Our Plano Location!

COMMUNITY » Just For Fun | June 21st, 2018

Campisi’s has been a staple in Plano since it opened back in 1994. It was the third location that the Campisi family opened and has won over thousands of hearts (and stomachs). It all began at the intersection of Parker and Independence but in April 2017, we relocated down the street to Parker and Preston to a larger venue. Even though the location has changed and we have become slightly more modern, we still serve the same delicious food that everyone has come to love. We have served the Plano location for over 24 years now and members of the community feel like family to us.

As soon as you walk through those red doors, you are hit with the aroma of pizza and greeted with a friendly smile. When you look around, you see the history of Campisi’s all over the walls. Large, blown up photos of some of the original customers sprawl out over one wall while another is covered with pictures of the family over the years. Looking at these pictures take you back in time and gives Campisi’s a historic feel. Curious about the story behind one of the pictures on the wall? Feel free to ask one of the many servers or managers and they will be sure to tell you an exciting story!

Located right down the road from the Shops at Legacy, we are a great place to stop on your way home from shopping. You can enjoy one of our many cocktails or a delicious entree on our large wraparound balcony that has the perfect lighting for a nice, cozy dinner. Campisi’s is the place to go for birthdays, anniversary dinners, or even just a night out with the family. Whether you have a love for pizza, pasta or delicious garlic bread, you have an abundance of classic Italian dishes to choose from. Come in and join us today at our Plano location, we look forward to seeing you!

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