How To Have The Perfect Night In

COMMUNITY » Just For Fun / Uncategorized | February 18th, 2019

The entire week has been a grind. You’re at the office early and you stay late to hit your deadlines so that you can be next in line when that promotion comes around. You’ve both been working hard and haven’t seen each other much.

You want to have a date night but couldn’t care less about making reservations and getting dressed. And the last thing you want to do is cook a nice dinner just to have to clean up afterward.

The solution?

Have the perfect night in with carryout or delivery from your favorite local Italian restaurant: Campisi’s. There are a couple of avenues you could take for your night in: pajamas and Netflix or dinner table and candles.

If you’re going the comfortable route, we highly recommend a finger friendly appetizer like bruschetta or calamari, a medium pizza with AT LEAST two toppings, one of our famously delicious desserts, and your best bottle of red wine. Everything can be spread out on the coffee table and easily eaten while you’re binging your second time through Mad Men or How I Met Your Mother. An all around easy night with great food and only a couple plates to wash (or put into the dishwasher).

If you want to go the more intimate and formal route, get the table ready. Put out a couple of candles and the good plates and put on some mood music. This night calls for a meal you eat with a fork. Start off with shrimp scampi or artichoke hearts and follow it up with a Tuscan salad to share. After salad comes the main event. Now, to choose just pasta or a full entree? Well our question is “Perché non entrambi?” (why not both) There’s nothing wrong with picking a pasta dish AND an entree and splitting it between the two plates. Even though many of our entrees come with a side of pasta, this method will give plenty of variety while you enjoy an evening in.

So the next time you want a night in, you can rely your favorite Italian delivery or takeout restaurant. Click here to find the location nearest to you!

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