How to Plan the Best Holiday Party

COMMUNITY » Just For Fun | December 7th, 2018

While pasta and pizza dance in your head, Campisi’s is here with pasta and bread… (plus the rest of the food needed to guarantee your party guests leave as jolly as can be.)

We get it—the holiday season is busy. You’ve got gifts to purchase and errands galore. Don’t worry, though, Campisi’s is ready to make holiday catering the easiest part of planning the party. Here’s what you need to do.

1.Take a break from online shopping and look at our catering menu and:

  • Decide what appetizers will please the palate of your guests.
  • Choose from the many delightful salads to best satisfy the invitees.
  • Pick from the abundance of entrees. Whether it be pasta, pizza, or a house special,there’s something for everyone.
  • Select from the delectable desserts to satiate the sweet tooth of each friend.
  • And lastly, make sure the proper drink is chosen to complement the meal.
  • Bam! You’re done.Of course, while holiday catering is one of the most important aspects of a holiday party, there are still some details to make your seasonal soiree even better.

2. Create and double-check the guest list then send out your invites. (Be sure to mention that Campisi’s is catering. That’s a people pleaser.)

3. Time for the holiday decorations! This is the décor for the party. Convenient, right?

4. The scent of the feast is going to make everyone want their meal ASAP. Make sure the dinnerware is set and ready to grab and go.

5. Ensure the musical playlists are set for the holiday mood. Be ready for dancing music, sing-along tunes, and songs that backset the conversation.

Congratulations! You’ve put together a spectacular party. Well done. Now enjoy the delicious meal from Campisi’s with your friends.

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