Check Out Our Lover’s Lane Location

COMMUNITY » Just For Fun | July 2nd, 2018

Another area of Dallas where you can find the best Italian food and pizza is on Lovers Lane. Campisi’s has been in this area for almost two decades now and we hope to be there for many more! We became a community favorite very quickly and noticed we were in need of a bigger space. In 2007, we moved down the street to a much more spacious and modern location. The decision to stay nearby was the obvious choice. Since we became so close to the community, there was no way we could go far!

Lovers Lane is a very popular area in Dallas, partly because Southern Methodist University (SMU) is just down the road. If you love good food, great shopping and being in the middle of everything, Lovers Lane is the perfect place for you.

So, the question that everyone has is where did the name Lovers Lane come from? Many think that the name came from Dallas Love Field Airport being close by. While that is a great guess, it is not correct.  It was actually named by the wife of Colonel Henry Exall. His wife named it after the narrow dirt road, the rows of bois d’arc trees and the romantic ambiance it had at night. It was the perfect place for couples to escape to for a date, hence the name Lovers Lane.

Campisi’s, like the old Lovers Lane dirt road, is a wonderful spot for date night. Whether you are out celebrating your 50th anniversary together or out on your first date, we will help make it a special night for you both. But we aren’t just here for couples, we welcome the whole community and treat everyone as if you were family. Give yourself a night free from cooking and come relax with your family while we take care of everything. Call and make a reservation today! We look forward to seeing you.

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