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“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” – Federico Fellini

Good food can enhance any get-together or event to make a more intimate and enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for pasta catering that will warm your guests’ hearts, look no further than Campisi’s. In this case, check out our pasta offerings and catering options below!

Homemade Pasta Dishes

Firstly, you can choose from a wide array of our homemade pasta offerings to appease your guests. We offer delicious set recipes like lasagna and shrimp scampi. Alternatively, you can make your own pasta creation with the following options.

Pasta OptionsSauce Options
PenneRed or homemade marinara
Angel hairAlfredo
FettuccinePink vodka
**Grilled chicken and shrimp are available add-on’s

Next, we recommend the following sauce pairings for your pasta catering:

  • Penne with pink vodka sauce
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce
  • Angel hair with red or homemade marinara sauce
  • Fettuccine with alfredo sauce

As a general rule, pastas with a wider surface area like fettuccine work better with thicker sauces like alfredo because they are able to cling to more of the pasta without being weighed down. On the other hand, pastas like angel hair have more delicate strands and are best paired with light sauces, like tomato, to coat the strands evenly. Ultimately, your pasta catering is your choice, so get creative if you’d like!

Pasta Catering Options

Lastly, any of the above pastas are available for half pan or full pan portions. A half pan feeds about 12-18 people, whereas a full pan feeds 24-30 people. In addition, another option you can give your guests is a build your own pasta station! In fact, we offer two great options for the build your own pasta feature:

  • Option #1: Penne pasta with a choice of 3 sauces, including house bread and Campisi’s house salad
  • Option #2: Penne pasta with a choice of 3 sauces and grilled chicken and meatballs, including house bread and Campisi’s house salad

However, if you’re looking for a more personalized meal, you can also get individually packaged catering meals (offered for a minimum of 10 people). With this in mind, we arrange for each portion to be served in separate containers. Additionally, each container includes everything you need to enjoy your delicious Italian meal. Our individual pasta options include:

  • Pasta Lunch #1: Penne pasta with choice of marinara or red sauce
  • Pasta Lunch #2: Penne pasta with choice of marinara or red sauce and choice of grilled chicken or meatballs
  • Pasta Lunch #3: Lasagna with choice of red or meat sauce, served with house bread and Campisi’s house salad

Campisi’s Catering

Overall, hundreds of people have used Campisi’s pasta catering services for anything from business lunches, to weddings, to birthday parties, to holiday get-togethers. Thus, our Italian food options can accommodate your guests’ food preferences whether it be pasta, pizza, house specialties, sandwiches, and more! To sum up, with full-service catering, chafer set-up, delivery and drop off, and private dining rooms available for every type of event, you can’t go wrong with Campisi’s. Contact our catering team or visit our catering page to learn more about prices and availability!

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