The Best Pizza Party Deals in Dallas

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No matter how you slice it, everybody loves a good pizza party. That’s why we have the best pizza party deals around at Campisi’s! Whether it be an intimate gathering or an enormous soiree, we can accommodate all of your needs. Our parties are perfect for all ages and sizes, so you don’t need to be a kid to have a pizza party worth remembering.

What pizza party deals does Campisi’s offer?

You only have a birthday once every year, you should celebrate in style! We have a variety of private dining rooms at our Downtown and original Egyptian locations. Our Downtown Dallas location at Stone Street Gardens offers 5 different private dining options, including the entire restaurant! In other words, if you plan on having a large party, we have you covered. Most importantly, if you’re looking to dine at our classic Egyptian location (check out its historical significance here), we have two beautiful rooms to celebrate in.

Our private dining is the cream of the crop. In addition, we offer pizza party deals fit for the young ones. Let your kids take control of their own meals with a create-your-own-pizza and decorate-your-own-dessert options! (However, note that these options are not available at every location. Please contact us to make sure we take care of your birthday needs.) But, if that’s not your style, we also offer our dine-in menu that pleases customers of all ages.

Looking for to-go options?

pizza party deals

We offer delivery from all 8 of our Dallas-Fort Worth locations if you’re hosting at home. Our pizza is award-winning and our delivery is quick! We’ll bring it to you hot and ready to serve to your guests for an instant party pleaser. Above all, don’t wait, start planning your birthday with the best pizza party deals around town! Whether it’s for you, a friend, or your kids, everybody loves a good slice of pizza – so, let’s get this party started!

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