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Campisi’s is taking every precaution with our safe catering services. After all, our goal is to protect you and your guests at any event. Therefore, as the top catering provider in the DFW metroplex, we take our services seriously. We want you to know how we’ve updated our menu options. Read on to hear about our new catering alternatives.

Safe Catering Options

We want to help minimize contact between guests at catered events. With this in mind, we are now offering individually packaged catering meals! Overall, these individual meals provide everything a guest would need to enjoy our delicious Italian dishes. We do this without the contact of traditional services. Campisi’s has committed to providing safe catering services. That is why we have developed new innovations for you to enjoy your events. To clarify, for the individually packed meals option, you must order a minimum of 10 meals and is priced per person. In sum, we serve each meal in a separate container and offer a variety of pizza and pasta options listed below.


Small two-topping pizza: $10

Small four-topping pizza: $12

Small specialty pizza: $13.50

*Served with a house salad


Pasta Lunch #1: $10

Penne pasta with choice of marinara or red sauce

Pasta Lunch #2: $12.50

Penne pasta with choice of marinara or red sauce and choice of grilled chicken or meatballs

Pasta Lunch #3: $13

Lasagna with choice of red or meat sauce

*Served with house bread and house salad

Campisi’s also takes several in-house precautions to make safe catering and dining experiences. For instance, we require everyone to wear gloves and masks. We also have hand sanitizer placed around the establishment. Additionally, each day, we thoroughly clean our restaurants. We keep tables six feet apart to promote social distancing. Campisi’s requires any employee who is exhibiting symptoms to stay home until it is safe for them to come back to work. Furthermore, another way we are promoting safe dining is through our contactless delivery.

Campisi’s cares about the well-being of our patrons, and will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. Contact our catering team today!

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