The Best Italian Pizza Dallas Has to Offer

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If you’re looking for a delicious meal to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, look no further, with the best Italian pizza Dallas has to offer, Campisi’s delicious menu is guaranteed to satisfy everyone at your table.

The Irish-Italian Connection

In 1608, the Irish Earls, O’Neill, and O’Donnell made a trip to Rome to seek help from Pope Paul V after being banished from Ireland by the British. In modern-day, Italian-Irish relations remain strong as they both play vital roles in moving the European Union forward. In the book, How the Irish Saved Civilisation, author Thomas Cahill notes the strong historical ties between Ireland and Italy that go as far back as the European Dark Ages, which came to be around 500 AD.

Both the Irish and Italians are famous for their hospitality so what better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than eating delicious Italian food at Campisi’s! Get ahead of the Downtown Dallas crowd and make a reservation online today!

The Most Delicious Toppings to Choose From

While you might prefer plain cheese or pepperoni on your pie, Campisi’s is known for its wide variety of pizza toppings and brilliant combinations of delicious flavors. From the BBQ Chicken Specialty to the Greek Pizza featuring juicy Roma tomatoes, salty black olives, feta, and artichoke hearts, we know that we have the best Italian pizza Dallas has to offer.

Ordering Online Made Easy at Campisi’s

If you’re planning on staying in this St. Patrick’s Day, try our pizza delivery service and see for yourself why we are the best in Dallas! We promise there is nothing better than enjoying delicious Italian food from the comfort of your own home! Our online ordering platform makes ordering the best Italian pizza Dallas has to offer as easy as pie. All you need to do is choose the location closest to you, add the dishes you desire, enter your payment and delivery information, and wait patiently for your delicacies to arrive!

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