The Best Italian Restaurant Dallas Has to Offer

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Are you craving gooey cheese, fragrant sauces, and savory meats all rolled together to create a decadent meal for you and your entire family to enjoy? We believe that Italian food is a fundamental part of life that should be experienced regularly. That is why we are providing you with a list of our top choices for the best Italian restaurant Dallas has to offer. Pick one or try them all!


When searching for the best Italian restaurant Dallas has to offer, one of the top choices has to be Campisi’s! Campisi’s has been serving award-winning pizza and family Italian dishes since 1946. There is no shortage of incredible dishes, from rich pasta to delicious pizzas to their house specialties. Campisi’s is the restaurant to bring the whole family to when you want to experience traditional Italian dishes. 

Jimmy’s Food Store

If you want to treat yourself to a quick Italian food delight, the fastest Italian restaurant Dallas has, which is still delicious, is Jimmy’s Food Store. For three generations, the DiCarlo family has provided happy customers with an array of Italian sandwiches such as Jimmy’s Meatball sub and the Chicken Italiano. If you need to feed your sugar cravings, you can grab an original or chocolate cannoli to include with your lunch.

The Charles

Being from Dallas, you may be interested in trying Italian food with a Texas flair. The Charles is a popular Italian restaurant Dallas has seen soar to success in the past few years. Their menu features classic dishes like beef tartare and unique dishes like the Spicy Creste di Gallo. We recommend that you arrive early to your reservation so you can stop by the hidden cocktail lounge for a drink.

Fachini Ristorante

Do you have a special event like a birthday, anniversary, or a celebration of some kind coming up? Fachini is the top Italian restaurant Dallas has for these moments. Fachini offers a small, specialty menu that features antipasto, macaroni, and an incredible selection of contorni. Plus, don’t forget their three delightful dessert options: Tiramisu, Carrot Cake, and Chocolate Molten Cake.


Do you want to forgo dining in and create your own Italian masterpiece at home? To cook a feast fit to represent Italy, you need high-quality ingredients. There is no better place in Dallas to get those ingredients than at Eataly. At Eataly, you will find everything you need, from pasta noodles to Formaggi to Amaretti orange cookies. Everything you need to make a meal fit for a king is available to you.

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