Where to Eat in Dallas Right Now: 10 Restaurants to Go with Friends

COMMUNITY » In The News | October 7th, 2015

By: Teresa Gubbins

For our October rendition of Where to Eat, we’re getting all inclusive. We’re feeling extra social. We’re thinking about where we want to go with friends.

We’re looking for places we can hit before a show or after a game. Places where the setting and convenience often come before the food.

Group dining has distinctive logistical challenges. You need space. The restaurant must be big enough and not so crowded that it can’t push together tables on a moment’s notice. And there must be ample parking.

It also requires amiable service, be it a willingness to write up 10 separate checks without batting an eye or the good-natured understanding that the tip will not come close to proper compensation. Big parties so often shortchange on the tip.

As for the food, the menu shouldn’t be too fancy. It has to be expansive and sufficiently generic that everyone can find something to eat. Here’s our list of 10 places where you can dine with a group:

There isn’t a pizzeria in town that isn’t good for a group. Regardless of where you stand on the pizza front — thick crust or thin, Neapolitan or New York — pizza by its very nature is a dish to be shared. Campisi’s wears the crown as Dallas’ original pizzeria. The fact that its old-school thin-crust pizzas are currently eclipsed by newcomers means there’s less competition to get a big table, and they don’t mind if you BYOB.

This article was originally published CultureMap Dallas in October 2015, click here to view the article in its entirety.

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