Wine Pairing with Campisi’s Favorite Entrées

COMMUNITY » Just For Fun | September 26th, 2018

Do you know how to pair wine? It can be quite hard for some individuals. Some guests just choose their favorite wine, no matter the entrée. Others can be very particular on how the drink compliments the meal. Here at Campisi’s, we have a wide selection of fine wines that pair very well with our dishes. What wine pairing will you try on your next visit?

Grilled Salmon

One of the best wine pairings with grilled salmon is Pinot Noir. This wine does not overpower the meal and helps enhance the rich flavor. This is one of the most classic wine pairings. We suggest the Stemmari Aranico that is straight from Sicily. The blackberries and strawberries in this wine make this meal even more delicious than it already is.


A huge part of wine pairing is matching the weight and texture of the wine to your entrée. You will want a wine that is balanced and won’t overwhelm the creamy alfredo sauce. Chardonnay is a great match for this meal. The Storypoint Chardonnay from California is one of our favorite wines we serve. The mix of yellow apple, pear and white peach and the subtle hint of toasted oak will make this meal extraordinary.

Breaded Chicken Parmigiana

When enjoying a red pasta, white wine should not be served. With Chicken Parmigiana, a lush, red wine would be a great pairing. We suggest a Merlot like Chateau St. Jean from California. The flavors of berry and violet together will truly bring out the best in the red sauce and the chicken.

Greek Salad

A fresh, crisp salad should be paired with a refreshing, crisp wine! A light wine like our Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand would pair nicely with this wonderful salad. The herbal side of this wine will complement the olives while the grapefruit will bring out the flavor in the tomatoes. Not feeling a Sauvignon Blanc? You could also try a Rosé such as our Raimat Rosé from Spain. With notes of strawberry and a hint of grapefruit, this wine will pair nicely with each and every bite.


Don’t see your favorite wine on here? We have a wide variety of wines available by the glass and by the bottle. You can view our entire wine list here. Enjoying an entrée that didn’t make it on this list and not sure which wine to pair it with? Not a problem! Ask your server for their suggestion and remember, balance is key!

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