Bringing A Taste Of Italy To Dallas

COMMUNITY » Just For Fun | March 15th, 2019

Many of us fantasize about traveling the world, and one of the top dream destinations in our minds is Italy. Italy is a dreamscape with its ancient cities, wonderous ruins, modern high fashion, and truly amazing food. While you may not have the ability to take the next plane to Sicily and experience it firsthand, you can make your way to any of our locations and get a fully authentic Italian experience at Campisi’s.

The original Campisis, “Papa” Carlo and Antonia, arrived in America from Sicily in 1904. Originally arriving in New Orleans, they moved to Dallas to buy a grocery store. With the end of WWII, Papa purchased a bar that was called the Idle Hour. A cousin visiting from New York suggested they serve pizza because it was so popular in the big city. As a result, Papa gathered his family in the kitchen to create Dallas’ first pizza. With the help of our family, the Campisi’s have been able to share their traditional Italian food with all of their friends in Dallas for 75 years now.

The recipes that Papa brought over from Sicily have been passed down through the family for generations: first it was Papa and Uncle Sam, then Grandpa Joe, then Uncle Corky, and now David, our current CEO. These recipes are the backbone of Campisi’s restaurant and it is our passion to share our family’s tradition with yours.

We all understand comfort food and the joy that a home cooked meal can bring. At Campisi’s, we don’t try to overcomplicate things. We want to bring to your table what our family has had on theirs for centuries. For a truly authentic Italian meal, come visit us at your closest Campisi’s location today!

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